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CCTV RF Video Modulators

If you’re setting up or expanding a surveillance video setup, especially one with multiple cameras, you’ll need a way to get your footage onto a screen. In order to do so, you need a digital video modulator.

Security video RF modulators convert any type of video input into a single signal that can be carried through a co-axial cable. This allows you to feed your security footage through an unused cable channel. It also makes managing video signals for security much easier, especially when managing feeds from multiple surveillance cameras.

Our RF video modulators will allow you to select the channel the video should go through. Whether you’re looking to view a single video feed, view up to four feeds on a single channel, or view up to four feeds on different channels, we’ve got the hardware you need.

Our CCTV video modulators help you secure and monitor your grounds so you can attend to the important tasks of running a business.